The Power of Sacred Geomtry (Fractal Geometry)

Our DNA strands, snow flakes, the cornea pattern in our eyes, pine cones, growth pattern of flower petals, diamond crystal formation, the branching of trees, a nautilus shell, the sun, our galaxy, the air, and all life forms emerge out of the patterns of sacred geometry. The study of sacred geometry is rooted in the study of the natural fractal pattern of nature, and the mathematical principles within these geometric patterns. Many forms observed in nature can be related to this geometry which is often validated as further proof of the cosmic significance of geometric forms.

The architectural designs of many holy places around the world (most of which had no contact with each other but still came up with the same geometric patterns in their designs), the ancient monuments of Stonehenge, the great Pyramids in Egypt, the world’s great cathedrals, mosques, and temples all have designs and architectural structures that are based on these same principles of sacred geometry. It has also been used in the creation of religious art. Within the religious sphere, symbolic and sacred meanings are ascribed to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. If you dig down deep to the core root of all religions, you will find a lot of the same messages, symbols, and meanings. Different religions have different interpretations, but unfortunately, the influential controllers and gate keepers of illuminating information such as this have kept it from surfacing within their religious texts and teachings.

Ancient civilizations knew that these patterns were symbolic codes of our inner self. They understood that the understanding of sacred geometry was essential to expanding their consciousness. Viewing and creating these forms can allow us to deeply gaze into the minds eye and universal wisdom. The ancient Greek Mystery schools of 2500 years ago taught the five perfect 3-dimensional forms known as the platonic solids (tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron). They believed these shapes formed the foundation of the physical world. Geometric ratios and figures were used in the designs of Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Greek and Roman architecture. Himalayan spiritual communities also constructed temples and fortifications based on the design principles of Mandala and Yantra. Even famous artist Leonardo DaVinci compiled sacred geometry principles of the human body into his sketching.

Modern scholars often ridiculed the idea of sacred geometry until the 1980’s, when Professor Robert Moon of the University of Chicago demonstrated clearly that the entire Periodic Table of Elements (In other words everything in the physical world) emerges from these same geometric shapes and patterns. Throughout modern physics, biology, and chemistry, sacred geometric patterns of creation are being rediscovered and given serious scientific inquiry with papers being published in accredited peer review journals.

Whats even more exiting about this is that technology based around the principles of sacred geometry can enable the world to tap into an unlimited source of energy, literally solving all and any energy problem. From world hunger to traveling to the stars, finding a reliable inexhaustible source of energy to do this would be possible if we applied the mathematical principles of sacred geometry to the research and development of new technologies. Below this text I have posted several supplementary videos. One is called THRIVE. With regard to technology and sacred geometry, the movie provides an explanation of sacred geometry. There are many sacred geometric shapes, however this movie specifically discusses the vector equilibrium and the torus, which are the masculine and feminine versions of the same energy patterns. The torus energy field flows around the structure given by the vector equilibrium and 64 grid tetrahedron. The implications that they have on free energy are explained as well as how they interact with the fabric of space if used in technologies for space travel.

I will end this by showing you the link between this post and another article on this website published prior to this called, Crop Circles, Are We Alone In The Universe? (Please read it if you have not) crop circles are one of many catalyst to our spirituality and understanding of the fundamental nature of the universe and our consciousness. These crop formations contain a lot of wisdom, which hold keys to the time of ascension that is fast approaching. If we apply the geometry of these crop circles to our lives spiritually and scientifically, it will take us to a completely new age of understanding and interaction with the universe. To mathematicians the crop patterns represent a profoundly deep intelligence. The beings that leave these crop circles are trying to teach us something. They want us to evolve, and they are laying out the patterns of our conscious and scientific evolution in plain sites. Many of us ridicule it and call it a hoax (some are hoaxes but not all of them). Within the spiritual community these circles symbolize our planet reaching a pivotal stage of evolution. Perhaps they also indicate contact with extraterrestrial beings from other planets, or even dimensions, physical or non physical, there is some form of consciousness creating these  patterns. They are giving us the blue prints to our salvation, how seriously we take it is up to us.

This Video below is from The Spirit Science Series, it explains Sacred Geometry.

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This is the movie Thrive. I recommend you watch the whole thing, but with regard to this article, at least fast forward and watch the video from 8 minutes and 20 seconds into the film up until 34 minutes of the film’s playing time.

This next video is by Nassim Haramein detailing sacred geometry and the fundamental properties of space and infinite energy. It’s a very long seminar but at least watch 35 minutes of it. Fast forward to 1 hour and 55 minutes into the lecture and keep watching until the video reaches 2 hours and 30 minutes (I still recommend you watch the whole thing but if you don’t have 4 hours to spare, at least watch that segment). He goes into much detail about how visitors from other worlds are communicating to us about sacred geometry VIA crop circles.

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